More processes? A puller is needed

infra How many times do people encountered fear when not following the company processes?, How many times does fear stop all initiatives for innovation?, How often do individuals, bright and sharp on their own way, just do less than conventional activities instead of turning the company around for good?. Is this just a common pattern to see that the more company’s people fear the less dynamism gets brought about? Is being fearless the difference between very fast and dynamic 4-year old companies which grow faster and become more profitable than 20-year old ones? It might just be the case that some companies have a virus inside which are just people not moving and not doing much because of fear?

Individuals on companies shall not take processes as a shelter, shelter in some cases are used to just make people do what it is said without paying attention to how much the whole company gets damaged. Individuals many times get trapped on the ‘my to do list’, to just ignore what are other team-mates doing or responsible. The more time the virus gets inside the company and individuals, the more sick the company becomes, too ill to the point that both become powerless to move even by themselves; the cure: A puller to make everyone just move.

Let’s imagine now a person can go to a sick company and introduce him/herself as a puller. Will the company even understand? What if the puller say to the management and the whole company, ‘I know what your illness is and I know what the cure is’, I will not destroy your processes, I will just pull all of you so that the company moves again ‘I will just ask you to be yourself and fearless’ as it is millions times better to do something and getting it wrong than not doing anything because of fear.

Will being a puller a service that sick companies are all expecting? Better trying it than not doing anything. Even a turtle can get pulled.

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