Peruvian first ever engineering firms ranking

infra Expertise of engineering firms in markets such as Peru is very important as these firms play a significant role for every mining, energy as well as oil&gas project. Digiscend, the specialized on-line platform aggregating project data across mining, energy as well as oil&gas and Horizonte Minero, the international magazine for energy and mining sector have join forces to put together and published the first ever ranking of engineering firms for the Peruvian market.

The 2016 engineering firms rankings will highlight expertise of companies executing engineering services within the Peruvian market based mainly on number of projects executed and revenue coming from these projects. Engineering companies both local or foreign are invited to be part on the rankings; to do so and for each engineering service delivered between 2010 and 2015, they should just provide to Digiscend type of services provided, date of given services and mining, energy, oil&gas project for which services were provided.

Engineering firms will be credited for every of the following services delivered:

  1. Pre-feasibility Studies
  2. Feasibility Studies
  3. Basic Engineering
  4. All types Geological, Geotechnical, Hydrological, Geophysical studies
  5. Environment Impact Studies and its related services
  6. Closure Plans
  7. Detailed Engineering
  8. Construction Supervisions
  9. EPCM

Engineering firms are invited to get in contact with:

Digiscend ~ Miguel Enriquez ~ +51 959 502 518
Horizonte Minero ~ Lucy Matos ~ +51 1 3410021

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